The 6 Endeavors


  1. 誰にも負けない努力をする
  2. Work harder than anybody else

  3. 謙虚にして驕らず
  4. Be humble, not arrogant.
    (Don’t let your success turn you arrogant.)

  5. 反省のある毎日を送る
  6. Reflect upon your motive.
    (Check if your motive is good. If not, correct it.)

  7. 生きていることに感謝する
  8. Appreciate your life

  9. 善行、利他行を積む
  10. Do good to others.

  11. 感性的な悩みをしない
  12. Don’t dwell upon the past.

Excerpted from “SEIWAJYUKU Journal No.1,” published in January 2012. Original Japanese ©1992 Seiwajyuku All rights reserved.