Seiwajyuku has been aptly described as a “dojo (training hall) of life” for business managers who wish to actively examine and develop their philosophies of business management and of life in general with Dr. Kazuo Inamori, Founder of Kyocera Corporation. Dr. Inamori serves voluntarily as Jyukucho (Principal) of a global network of Seiwajyuku schools, responding to members’ questions, engaging them in spirited debate, and encouraging them to learn from each other. Jyukucho Inamori truly believes that developing business managers with Kokoro (heart, mind and spirit) will help to make Japan—and the world—a better place.

Major activities
Regular meetings (study sessions) with the Jyukucho once or twice
a year in each district. In 2011, 13 such meetings were held. Regular meetings include a lecture by the Jyukucho on his own experiences, members’ presentations on their management experiences, and additional commentary by the Jyukucho. This is followed by a friendly get-together (“Compa”) during which the Jyukucho provides one-onone
instruction. Members are permitted to attend all regular meetings with the Jyukucho at any of the Seiwajyuku schools throughout Japan and in the world. Recent lectures have covered a broad range of themes, including “views on life,” “corporate philosophy,” “Inamori accounting methods,” and “leadership.”

  • In addition, each Seiwajyuku holds study sessions 4 to 12 times a year where members discuss their own experiences, view DVDs of the Jyukucho’s lectures, and exchange opinions among themselves.
  • An annual international convention is held (usually over two days in the summer), during which members from across Japan and the world meet, learn, interact with each other, and deepen their friendships.
  • Two-three day domestic tours and week-long overseas tours are organized for the membership.
  • The organization publishes a periodical, Seiwajyuku Journal(members are provided with a copy of each issue; the general public may also subscribe).
  • Members have access to the members-only website, “Seiwajyuku Information.” A membership directory is distributed at the end of each year.